Status Block
"Nice mod. Its easy to ad new members directly from the cPanel. I dont know whey Boonex removed this function. It was part of admin and a nice feature. Mod is easy to install and all I need now is a mod from where one can update memberships in bulk and also delete it in bulk or maybe by membership or date last visit etc..." Rusty (Boonex community member), User Add

"This is a good mod, easy to install and a good way to keep your members involved with each other." EdCowan (Boonex community member), Status Block

"is great very useful, easy to install, works perfect, you have to buy" elatleta33 (Boonex community member), Email Template Editor

This module will add a page block to the homepage where you can see the status messages of all your site members. You can configure how much messages should be displayed at one block page per admin panel.

This module comes with German translation!

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