NEW German Translation Pack for Dolphin 7.2
"Das beste Sprachpaket in Deutsch :-) Sehr gute Dokumentation." alfredkanzler (Boonex community member), German Translation Pack

This is the last, most complete german version for your Dolphin 7.2.x site.

NEW: This language pack comes as SIE and DU version!

All standard modules, orca forum and flash apps translations are included. Chat rules, FAQ, Advice, Help, About us, Privacy and Terms of Use sections and Administration keys are included as well! I am a german native speaker, this translation is proved to be correct!

This translation pack includes all Email Templates that are shipped by Boonex!

Although all the LEGAL TERMS has been translated but we cannot be RESPONSIBLE FOR LEGAL DEMANDS OR ANY OTHER PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH THE TRANSLATION. In case of doubts we suggest you to check them specifically with a lawyer for the laws valid on such a country.

Please note that all my other modules come with german translation file!

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