German Translation Pack for Dolphin 7.1
"Nice mod. Its easy to ad new members directly from the cPanel. I dont know whey Boonex removed this function. It was part of admin and a nice feature. Mod is easy to install and all I need now is a mod from where one can update memberships in bulk and also delete it in bulk or maybe by membership or date last visit etc..." Rusty (Boonex community member), User Add

"Very much impressed with misterpopper's modules, especially his ongoing work to make them even better and his excellent customer service when I've had any questions. I also like that he makes good use of his module's forum for providing support and additional information." epaulo (Boonex community member), Email Template Editor

"I had a hard time adding Alexa's analytics to my site! This developer's mod helped with this issue! Easy and straight forward to use!" wyldchard (Boonex community member), Alexa

This is the last, most complete german version for your Dolphin 7.1.x site. All standard modules, orca forum and flash apps translations are included. Chat rules, FAQ, Advice, Help, About us, Privacy and Terms of Use sections and Administration keys are included as well! I am a german native speaker, this translation is proved to be correct! This translation got rid of all unneeded language keys. Compared to 7.0.9 there are 700 language strings removed. That’s about 15% fat loss!

Although all the LEGAL TERMS has been translated but we cannot be RESPONSIBLE FOR LEGAL DEMANDS OR ANY OTHER PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH THE TRANSLATION. In case of doubts we suggest you to check them specifically with a lawyer.

Please note that all my other modules come with german translation file!

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